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I am fishing in honor of my daughter, Sadie.

Though Sadie was probably born with an aggressive leukemia, she wasn’t diagnosed with juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML) until she was 17 months old. The only known curative regimen is bone marrow transplant. Sadie underwent her first transplant at 20 months old. It was not considered a success. Multiple medicines and treatments were tried in attempts to prevent a transplant failure and thus relapse. All failed and she underwent another bone marrow transplant. During her second transplant, Sadie once again endured having her bone marrow violently eradicated by chemo and replaced with new, potentially hostile donor bone marrow. The second transplant failed even faster than the first. She suffered through countless amounts of chemo, inhibitors, and other harsh side-effect inducing medicines attempting to treat her diseased bone marrow. All attempts failed and Sadie drew her last breath Feb. 22, 2017. Throughout her short life, Sadie remained high spirited, sassy, determined and funny. She loved all things princess and often wore long, sparkly princess dresses to her clinic appointments. She thought Lego Batman was hilarious and Darth Vader was cool. She had the most amazingly random sense of humor. And the girl loved her country music.


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